Very useful article found on Citrix Support for troubleshooting installation issues

Today I have been reading a useful article in the Citrix Knowledge Center about troubleshooting installation or removal issues with Citrix XenApp, CTX132117.

I guess it can also be consulted for troubleshooting installation or removal issues with other software.

When trying to install or remove any XenApp Software (including hotfixes and rollup packs), a
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Citrix Case Study: Using ProcMon to Troubleshoot Slow Logons

In this Citrix Article CTX131825 an interesting Case study, where a delay in the logon times is occuring (up to three minutes), after deploying XenApp version 6 and Citrix Profile Manager version 4. ProcMon is used to troubleshoot.

Load Sharing Across Zones is the Default in XenApp 6 and higher

And suddenly my colleague Nando looked very surprised, when he discovered that ”…Share load information across zones has been removed from XenApp 6″

More information about this can be found at: CTX125143

Selected Default Session Printer not Retained in Future Sessions

When user selects a session printer to be their default printer, it does not show up as the default printer in subsequent sessions. However, if a printer is mapped within a session and set as default, it does appear as default printer in subsequent sessions.


If the policy to Disable Default Printers is
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HOWTO Customize Microsoft Office 2010 for Streaming Environments

This Citrix article (CTX124565) provides step-by-step instructions for the successful deployment of Microsoft Office 2010 using the Citrix application streaming feature. 

Office 2010 SP1 is not supported at this time.

More Information regarding Application Streaming in general can be found at the resource section.

Windows 2008 R2 SP1 with XenApp 6 Issue with CtxAltStr Filter Driver

If you install XenApp 6 on a Windows Server 2008 R2 with Service Pack 1, after successful configuration, you might receive an event entry every time the server reboots that indicates that the filter driver ctxaltstr cannot start “File no found”. Without Service Pack 1, this filter driver is starting!

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Not able to copy/paste in Citrix desktop

How many times does your Clipboard redirection break up per day?

During my daily job I copy many times a day between my local desktop and my ICA desktop. A few times per day I was not able to paste in my remote desktop. You can disconnect your session, and reconnect, but sometimes only
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KeepMeLoggedIn and RES PowerFuse or RES Workspace Manager

Recently Citrix released a new tool KeepMeLoggedIn on their blog

This tool will be added to the next version op XenApp as a feature, see for more information

I investigated the new Citrix tool KeepMeLoggedIn in an environment where also RES Workspace Manager is active.

First a little explanation about the tool without
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RES Software: Integration Toolkit for Citrix XenApp v2.0

The RES Workspace Manager Integration Toolkit for Citrix XenApp (now with XenApp 6 support) helps you implement RES Workspace Manager in your Citrix environment by using information about existing published applications in only a few steps:

Gather information of published applications in the existing Citrix Farm Configure application behavior (for example publishing in RES WM) Create
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Screen flickers when starting WPF applications on Windows Server 2003 TS with ICA

When starting a session with a non-administrator account on a Windows 2003 XenApp Server, a screen flicker occurs when a Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF) application is launched in the terminal server session. Microsoft Office applications (like PowerPoint) are using the WPF for example.

When using RES Workspace Manager, the screen flicker results in a session refresh due
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